A few weeks ago in a post titled ‘Change your thinking: Death to Life’ we looked at how it’s not a change of behaviour that’ll be the main cause of life change but it’ll be a change in your thought life that will bring about change.

Today I wanted to write about one key thought that so often plagues many Christians. It is the concept that we are sinners and need to focus on our sin to see change.

Hebrews 10 looks at the idea of the sacrifices that the priests brought to the temple & tabernacle.  Every time they bought those sacrifices back there was a reminder of sin.

The priests were busy, they had lines out of the tent, killing one sacrifice after another.   There are Christians today that approach our gatherings, purchased by a blood so greater than the blood of goats and bulls and yet still want the focus to be about sin.

If constantly focussing on sin, was the way to overcome sin then the Israelites would have done it years ago. They would have found the way to true holiness.

But they did not.

What world do we live in where we think that the blood of a bull is greater than the sacrifice of a living majestic, prince of peace and son of God.

A son of God who hung on a cross and said ‘it is finished’. I have come to forgive once and for all.

And now our theme of our gatherings is not sin , it is saviour.


Now the theme of everything we do is not sin it is saviour.

Our life is not defined any more by sin but by saviour.

We gather together not to be reminded of Sin but to fall in love with our saviour. Because in the consciousness of Christ we can live free from sin.

Don’t let sin become a self fulfilling prophesy over your life.

Kris Vallotton said ‘If you believe you are a sinner you will sin by faith’

When we fix our eyes on Jesus, when we see it is not about sin but it is about trusting the saviour. The things that we are facing, the things that we are tempted by and we are struggling will fade.

There is a beautiful line of an old hymn.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

Fix your eyes on the saviour because in the consciousness of Christ we can live free from the trap of sin.


What sin do you need to live your eyes of off today?