This is a very personal post, I want to get back to blogging in 2016 with a new look site and plenty of new material & ideas to share with you. So I thought I would start 2016 with a personal post sharing a bitabout me and some of my dreams and aims for the 2016

This time of year is amazing for looking back & reflecting and looking forward and dreaming.   As I look forward to 2016 I have faith & hope that God is going to do even more in my life & in the lives of those around me.

I wanted to share with you some aims, dreams & goals for 2016.  There are three key areas I want to focus on this year.

Firstly, I want to look after my Physical Health. Throughout 2015 I began running again, it’s been great.  I love running & the difference it has made in my health, body & mind. I want to continue running in 2016 increasing the mileage, training for a half marathon & a Tough Mudder. Keep updated with my runs on STRAVA & NIKE+. I am also changing my diet this year, I’m not set on exactly what yet, but I know I want to move to a partially vegan diet.

Secondly, I want to look after the Mind. I have read a book a month in 2015 & I want to continue doing that through 2016. I will review books on my blog  & if you’re interested in what I’m reading check out my Good Read & my Amazon Wish List. I want to read the bible in a year again in 2016. This time I’mgoing to do it chronologically in the message translation, stay updated with my Youversion Account . I am also aiming to blog regularly. I know I haven’t been on here recently, but my goal this year is to be more  open, to share my thoughts, beliefs, opinions & ideas. Honestly & regularly. Make sure you sign-up to get the latest posts sent to your inbox (SIGN-UP).

Finally, I want to look after the Soul. I want to minimise & de-clutter, I find I am far more anxious & stressed in the middle of clutter & possessions. I am cutting back on possessions, I believe simplicity brings balance, freedom & joy & I want more of that in 2016 .  I want to pause more, enjoy more, laugh more & be less distracted by possessions & more focussed on who I’m called to be. In 2016 I want to be more ME.

What are some of your aims for 2016?